Windows Fax and Scan Multiple Pages

Windows Fax and Scan Multiple Pages – Ultimate Guide

You can’t directly scan multiple pages through windows fax. In this article we will try to cover the way how you can Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF for windows fax.

Though we live in a digital era, scan and fax are still very useful operations that we need to perform in our day-to-day lives. From academic to professional, we frequently need to scan a document and email or send it to fax. Windows Fax and Scan is a convenient tool that performs both functions. But many users find it confusing when it comes to Windows Fax and scan multiple pages. If you know how to use windows fax and scan, you can skip next section.

How to Use Windows Fax and Scan? 

Windows Fax and Scan is one of the oldest software that you have in your pc. Microsoft has been providing this software since the time of Windows Vista. And surprisingly, they have not changed a bit of the software since then. 

Let’s check how to use buildin software –

  1. Go to the start menu (It is usually at the left bottom corner of your PC)
Windows Fax and Scan
  1. Write Fax and Scan in the search bar of the start menu. 
  2. Click on the “Nex scan”, which is at the top left corner of the window. 

(Remember, you will need an active scanner to perform this operation. So make sure you connect a scanner to Windows first. If you already have a scanner installed on windows, then make sure that it is plugged in. Otherwise, you will see an error message about “No scanner found”). 

  1. If you have multiple scanners installed, you can click the “Change” button to select the preferred scanner. 
  2. A new window will appear, and you can change scanning options from there. 
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the scanning profile. There are two profiles available in the windows fax and scan program – Photos and documents. 
  4. Select one according to the type of page you will scan. If you are scanning documents, select the document option from the profile drop-down. 
  5. Now go to the “source” drop-down menu options to select the scanner type. You will find two options there. 
  • Flatbed – Most users belong to these options. If you have a regular scanner or a printer with scanning ability, you should select this option. 
  • Feeder – This is for a more advanced scanner that can use a roller paper feeder to feed the document. If you have this type of scanner, select ‘Feeder.’ 

If you select the feeder, two new options will arrive – scan both sides and the paper size. Select as your document needs. 

  1. Under the source, you will see the “color” format option. Clicking on that option, you will get three options to format the color of your document. 
  • Black and White 
  • Grayscale 
  • Color 

Choose one according to your needs. 

  1. Then there is a file type option. You can select from JPG, BMP, TIF, and PNG. For standard use, you can choose the default.
  2. Then there is a resolution drop-down. You can set the resolution of the output from here. But don’t use too high resolution as that will increase the file size. For most cases, 300 is enough. 
  3. At the bottom of the options box, you will find two slider controls to control the brightness and contrast of the output. We recommend you do not touch those and leave them as default. 
  4. Click on the preview button to see the outcome. 
  5. You can crop the document from the preview section to adjust the scannable area. 
  6. Click on scan. 
  7. After Windows Fax and scan finishes the scanning, you will see the document in the document folder under the scan function.

If you have wireless issue in Windows, you can check the article – Turn On Windows Capability.

Windows Fax and Scan Combine Pages

Windows fax and scan program creates separate image files only. That is why Windows fax and scan multiple pages is a bit confusing for some people. Many people ask how to scan multiple pages into one pdf? Here are the steps to scan multiple pages to pdf windows 10.

image source:
  • First, you have to locate the documents you just scanned (Or you can combine any images you wish into a single PDF file)
  • The best way to find the scanned documents is to search them in the documents folder. 
  • Go to the start menu options and click on the windows flag.
  • Click on the documents icon located just under the user icon.
  • That will take you to your “My document” folder.
  • If you have scanned documents, you should find a folder named “Scanned Documents.”
  • Inside the folder, you will find the documents you just scanned.
  • Select the documents you want to combine. If you’re going to combine all the documents, then hit Ctrl+A, and every single document will be selected. If you want to choose by yourself, then hold down the Ctrl button and use the mouse to select various files from the folder.
  • After selecting the files, right-click on your mouse and select the print option (You can also get that option by holding down Ctrl+P).
  • You will see a new window with printing options. If you have a printer, the default printer will be your physical printer. Change the printer from physical printer to Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Change the page settings from portrait to landscape if you need.
  • You can also select the size and number of images you want to put on one page.
  • Click on the print button to complete your windows fax and scan multiple pages.

How to scan multiple pages into one pdf windows (7, 8 &10) ?

When you are looking for the answer to “how to scan multiple pages into one pdf”, there are many options other than just Windows Fax and Scan multiple pages. You can use the default software of your scanner to complete this action (Please check the model of your scanner and go to their documentation page).

Besides, after scanning the documents with Windows Fax and Scan application, you can use a third-party application to convert the scanned images into a single PDF document. There are many online Image to PDF converters online. Search on google and use anyone you wish.


So, windows fax and scan multiple pages are not tricky, and you don’t need any external software to achieve that. We hope this article has provided you with sufficient information, and now you can scan multiple pages. See you in another tutorial.

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