USB Tethering Greyed Out

USB Tethering Greyed Out – How To Fix It?

Fixing poor cord, resetting setting or enabling and desbling are the most sommon solution when USB Tethering Greyed Out. But there also many option what you can try to solve the very common issue for the users.

But don’t worry, we have prepared the complete solution guide for you. Follow the instructions, and you will surely be able to use USB tethering on your phone.

How to Fix USB Tethering Greyed Out Issue?

Here are nine methods you can follow to solve issues with USB tethering not working.

Disable Wi-Fi 

Sometimes, a wireless connection is a culprit which comes in the way of your USB tethering. In that case, you can disable the Wi-Fi and see whether that fixes the issue. Swipe down your android mobile screen and turn off the Wi-Fi. Now, try the USB tethering again. If that was the case now, it should work.


Use Another USB Port 

Sometimes the problem is neither the cable nor the Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the port is faulty, which creates a problem. So, try different ports for your USB cable. If you are using the 3.0 or 3.1 USB port, try a 2.0 port or do the alternative. Either way, this can be an issue in some cases. 

Make Sure The USB cable Is Properly Connected

Sometimes the problem could be a hardware issue. Therefore, make sure you have connected the USB tethering properly. Double-check the connection by unplugging and plugging again. If you have another cable, try that. Checking the hardware is always a good idea before you start the troubleshooting approach. 

Reset Everything 

Old but still, it is the golden solution for many issues. Restart everything, your PC or laptop and your phone also. It can be confusing and tough to find out which one was the culprit but believe us, it can solve your ‘USB tethering greyed out’ issue like magic. 

Windows Troubleshooter 

Yes, a windows troubleshooter is a useless thing in most cases. But if you are lucky, then it can save you a lot of time and effort. Wise people say, “Do not leave any stone unturned.” This could be the stone for you; who knows? 

Go to the search box of your Windows 10 or 7 and type settings. On the settings page, find troubleshoot in the left side menu. Then select “network adapter” and run troubleshooter. If Windows can find any solution, your USB tethering will be active now. 

Update the Driver 

How many times have you faced the driver issue with Windows? It is a common issue for Windows users. For some unknown reasons, suddenly, some drivers do not work correctly. Therefore, checking the driver status of your USB tethering and reinstalling it can solve the issue. Here is how you can update the driver.

USB Tethering Greyed Out
  • Go to the device manager by typing ‘device manager in the search box.’
  • Look for the ‘network adapter’ and expand it. 
  • Look down the list of devices and select Network Adapter to expand its options.
  • Please select the network adapter you have to update and right-click on it. 
  • From there, select “update driver.”
  • From the new window, select “Search for updates automatically.” If you know your driver’s location, you can choose the second option and update the driver from your PC. 
  • Now Windows will look for automatic updates and install them on your PC or laptop.

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Change APN Settings 

Sometimes changing the Access point Name settings can fix this issue. Go to the APN settings and input “default, dun,” and click Ok. If that does not resolve the case, you can write only “dun” and for some users that fix this issue. 

Change MVNO Type 

If the previous method did not solve the issue, you could opt for this solution. Go to your phone settings, networks and form their APN. From there, select the mobile operator you are using and tap on it. Please scroll down and find MVNO type and change it to IMSI.  

If Nothing works 

If none of the above processes works for you, you can use a Wi-Fi hotspot and tether your desktop or laptop wirelessly. If your desktop or laptop can not connect wirelessly, you can buy a Wi-Fi adapter. They are not expansive and will solve the issue for you. 


We hope any of these methods have solved your USB tethering greyed out issue. This is a frustrating problem, but with some patience, you can solve it without taking any professional assistance. See you in another problem-solving article.

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