How to Superscript in Google Docs And Subscript Text formating

How to Superscript in Google Docs And Subscript Text formating

Superscript and subscript both are mostly used mathematical signs, chemical use and footnote formating. In This article we will show you – how to superscript in google docs and subscript them.

Google docs have made our life easier. Now we can write freely online and share them with anyone. From students to professionals, google docs is for everyone. There are times when you might need to add a small letter at the top of another letter which is called “superscript.” Sometimes you might need the opposite one, which is called “subscript.” You might be familiar with the term but don’t know how to superscript in google docs. Well, don’t worry about it. We will provide a step-by-step guide on this topic.

how to do subscript in google docs shortcut

How To Superscript In Google Docs? 

Superscript and subscript both are mainly mathematical signs. Sometimes you have to use those in chemical formulas. 

There are three simple methods you can use to superscript in google docs. The first method is to use superscripts from the menu options. The second process is the keyboard shortcut, and the third process is using a special character set.


Here we will cover all three methods so that you can use any of those methods according to the situation. 

How to do Superscript in google docs shortcut – From The Menu Option 

In Google docs, you can create superscript text using the menu options. Here are the steps to do that: 

  • First, select and highlight the text you are planning to use superscript on. 
  • Go to the menu and select “format.”
  • Select “text”
  • You will see the option superscript. 

After selecting superscript, you will see that the selected text is converted to a superscript format. If you want to get back to the regular text format, then you have to click on the superscript option again. Then you will be able to write as you were writing. 

how to superscript in google docs

Using The Keyboard Shortcut 

The keyboard shortcut is an easier way to superscript or subscript in Google docs.  If you are working on a math or chemistry project, you don’t want to make a superscript each time you write a chemical formula or mathematical equation. 

The shortcut for superscript in google docs is “Ctrl + .” Click both, and the selected text will turn into a superscript text immediately. If you want to undo the option and go back to your regular writing format, use Ctrl + . again, you will be in the previous format.

Using the keyboard shortcut, it’s easier to write superscripts on google docs. This will add more pace to your workflow. 

Ctrl + .

From Special Character Set 

This is the last method of how to superscript in google docs. You can also do that using the Google Docs special character set. Here are the steps of doing this: 

  • Go to the menu and click on “insert.”
  • From insert select “Special Characters.” 
  • There is a search bar in the special character window. Write “Superscript” in the search bar. 
  • A list of superscript formats will arrive at the left window. 
  • You can pick any of the special characters for your superscripted text. 

This option is handy for advanced mathematical use. Sometimes you would need that when doing chemistry or even a physics project. Here are some of the special texts you will get from the special character superscript option: 

  • Mathematical exponent
  • Trademark abbreviations or copyright 
  • Add references at the footer of your document.

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How to Subscript In Google Docs 

Subscript is identical to creating superscript in google docs. You can use subscripts using the menu option, keyboard shortcut, and form the special characters. 

From the Menu 

  • Highlight the text or character you want to apply the “Subscript” option on.  
  • Click on “Format” and then “Text.”
  • From the text Option, you will see “Subscript” just under the “Superscript” option.

Just like superscript, you can use the subscript option for a single letter or the entire word. In science or math projects, you will need to use subscripts on one letter in most cases. But complete line formatting with the subscript option is also a good idea, mainly when referring to several sources in your article.  

If you want to deselect the option and go back to your usual writing format, click on the “Subscript” option again. 

Using The Keyboard Shortcut 

Like superscript, you have another keyboard shortcut key for implementing subscript in google docs. 

The keyboard shortcut for subscript in google docs is “Ctrl +,”. Select the letter, word, or sentence you want to apply subscript on and hold “Ctr+”. The text will be turned into a subscripted copy immediately. 

Ctrl + ,

Using Special Characters 

You can apply subscript using special characters just as you did for applying superscripts on a text. 

  • Go to the “Insert” and from there “Special characters.”
  • Write “subscript” on the search box of the special characters. 
  • A list of subscript characters will appear in the left window just as you got for the superscript. 
  • Choose the option you want and click on it. 

Some of the typical subscript formats that you can use from the options are: 

  • Molecular formulas for your chemistry projects. 
  • Several greek characters you would need for your physics projects.
  • Variables in mathematical formulas.


Google doc is a free and very useful tool for students and professionals. There is no need to store and carry documents with you, no tension of losing them when you have those in your google docs. Writing superscript and subscript are essential if you are a student. If you were looking for how to superscript on google docs, we hope this article has solved the issue for you. Now you use subscript and superscript both in your google docs effortlessly—best of luck with your projects.

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