Steam Routine Maintenance

Steam Routine Maintenance Every Thursday | All You Should Know

Every Thursday, Steam undergoes routine maintenance for their server and typically takes 10 minutes to perform. 

Every steam user has encountered this problem in a phase of their gaming career. Suddenly you see the server is not working properly. That does not happen every day with the steam server. So, don’t worry if you can not play your favorite game or see anything that is not working the way it should be. It happens because of the steam routine maintenance that happens every Thursday. In this article, we will know why this happens and how that is good for you. 

What Is Steam Server?

Before we dig deeper, first, let us introduce the steam server. Most gamers already know about it, but if you are new, you should know what a steam server is and why it is vital for gamers.

Steam is the largest online gaming platform. Valve Corporation developed the platform in 2003, and now it has more than 150 million users worldwide. On Steam, you can play, buy, discuss and create PC games. We can compare Steam to Netflix. If Netflix is the king of content, then Steam is the king of PC gaming.

There are thousands of games in Steam, from funny family games to graphic violence and explicit sex games; all are there. Users can play and save their games there. Moreover, you can chat with other gamers and learn to play video games. 

For parents, the platform provides parental control so that parents can restrict their children from accessing inappropriate games that they should not play at an early age.

Steam Routine Maintenance

When Steam Runs Routine Maintenance? 

Thursday. Every Thursday, Steam undergoes routine maintenance for their server. That’s why every Thursday, users face some problems using Steam. But don’t worry, it does not take too long. Typically the routine maintenance takes 10 minutes to perform, and users get back their steam account as it was. 

Why Does Steam Need Scheduled Maintenance? 

Steam has millions of users across the globe. This massive amount of users can create performance issues with steam servers. And those issues can irritate the users also. 

Steam optimizes any performance issue with their servers by performing this scheduled maintenance and prevents any long-term outages. 

They also perform some other tasks during routine maintenance, such as updating the security by patching software, updating drivers, or the operating system. Sometimes they install new hardware to increase performance. 

They complete these processes on a scheduled time so that their users don’t face any performance issues now and then but at a specific time. 

So, when you face a performance issue on Thursday with your steam server, that is for your greater good.

What Time Steam Does That Schedule Maintenance? 

Morning or Evening (Pacific Time Zone – United States). To be exact, the maintenance takes part, whether at 7 PM EST or 4 PM EST. 

Steam wants to perform the scheduled maintenance task at their office time so that they can engage as many support workers as possible. And as it is a global platform, people are always online on their platform, and every second is peak time for them. 

Sometimes some problems can occur from your end after the scheduled maintenance is complete. Don’t worry; restarting your PC will resolve the issue. If that does not, then you can take help from the steam community.  

Curent Users

How Can I Check The Steam Server Status? 

You can check the status of your steam server quickly. You can go to Steam Stat and check the status of your server. 

They have listed their servers regionally. So, you will be able to check the status of your regions’ server from the list.  

You will also get some other steam-related information from this site. You can see how many people are online on Steam, how many of them are playing games. You can also see the server status of the steam store, community, Web API, connection managers, etc. 

This server updates every 45 seconds later. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long It Takes For Steam Routine Maintenance? 

Not so long. It takes 5 – 10 minutes or so to complete the routine maintenance for steam servers. But if there are some massive updates, it can take up to 20 minutes to get back your steam server. 

But if you see you can not connect to the steam server after 20 minutes, then it could be for other reasons. It could be any unintentional downtime or any problem from your end. 

Why Do I Face Downtime Other Times?

Sometimes unintentional downtimes happen, and as it is obligatory, nobody can predict it earlier. It can be any security issue, hardware failure, or any other technical issue. If that happens, check the status of your steam server, have patience, and Steam won’t let you wait too long. 

I Understand Steam Needs Maintenance Time, But Why Is There No New Feature After That? 

There are two types of maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled. In scheduled maintenance, Steam developers work with performance issues, update drivers, operating systems, set up new hardware, etc. 

And in unscheduled maintenance, they add new features to the server code. New features in the server code do not provide visible features all the time. For example, this code can help the server use less memory, and users will be able to play more smoothly. That is not a visible feature, but you can not see that.


Steam is the most popular gaming platform in the world. People of all ages use Steam and play games of their likings. Steam comes with a parental control feature, and parents can control which game their children should play and which should not. 

All these features made this platform the top gaming platform in the world. But every user encounters steam routine maintenance and can be confusing and sometimes cause some problems to your gaming experience. But if you know the steam routine maintenance time, you can prepare yourself in advance and continue the gaming journey without any hassle.

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