PS4 Rest Mode Download Faster

PS4 Rest Mode Download Faster – Ultimate Guide

PS4 Rest Mode Download Faster is not a hard task! Even you can improve your speed more then twice than your current time. By suspending background running and network feature it can be improved. In this article We are showing you how to use rest mode, install, download, reasons and limitations.

Installing games on the PS4 has been known to be no short trip. It’s well regarded that people often have to wait hours, even with the fastest download speed to finish up the download of their games. Sometimes even installing them, apps, or updating firmware takes quite a bit of time to complete.

PS4 Rest Mode Download Faster

While the idea seems anecdotal at best, many users out there in the intranet have spoken out, stating that it could most possibly be easier to finish downloading and installing if people were to put it in rest mode. Rest mode, if you don’t know, is PS4’s version of sleep mode. It basically puts everything at a hibernating state, with the system running absolutely at low power capacity. While your gameplay sessions and other apps left in suspension could be immediately opened up after the PS4 wakes up from rest mode.

So how is it possible that this could be that solution for the PS4? Well, you could fork over quite a bit of cash to replace the HDD with an SSD and run your games butter smooth. Of course, even with that expense covered, there still remains the issue of network bandwidth handicapped. But rest mode is never a problem to use. Despite what some detractors would say about using it during firmware update installatio

How to use Rest Modes

To start Rest Mode, follow the instructions here. In chronological order:

  • First, hold the PS logo button on your controller. 
  • Then scroll down to power. 
  • In the submenu, press “Enter Rest Mode”.

Do note that if you want to do downloads during Rest Mode. You need to make sure the following settings are enabled:

  • “Stay Connected to the Internet” in Rest Mode Functions must be enabled.
  • To enable this, go to Power Save Settings.
  • Then to Set Functions Available in Rest Mode. In there, enable the option.

Possible Reasons for SLOW SPEED

OS prioritizing

While the PS4 may not use the latest and fastest storage device, it has its operation system programmed to efficiently provide and prioritize what application to install. Though it still has its limitations considering there are background tasks being performed while the console is running like the main UI, notifications, suspended apps, games you play, etc.

One big reason as to why rest mode could solve such problems is that it wouldn’t need any background tasks running nor manage the UI. It frees up more data speed to use for installing your games.

Network capabilities

Regarding the PS4’s network capabilities, it has support for gigabit speed since it uses a gigabit ethernet port. Whereas wireless connection does have few limitations as it uses one signal type thanks to only having one signal type transmission (Which changed with the Slim/Pro now having dual-band signal support).

Now taking the OS into consideration, much like what it does for the storage device, it will prioritize based on what you’re installing.

Software handling

Like downloading games, it’ll adjust most of the bandwidth towards them. But of course, if you’re playing a YouTube app while installing, that is another different situation. Rest mode, of course, will completely suspend anything else, leaving downloads to use every bit of the bandwidth.

Do take note though, how fast your download speed is based on Sony’s server, whether they are backed up or not.

Another is of course, your internet service. Rest mode doesn’t magically increase your download speed past what you’ve subscribed to

ps4 limitation

PS4’s Limitations

Limited storage

The system uses a regular 500GB HDD, which runs at 5400RPM. It’s a laptop model so as long as you find one that runs equivalent or faster, you should be fine. The Pro uses a 1TB unit but that’s no faster than the one from the standard unit. Though it’s clear that Sony has no plans to implement faster HDD models since they want to save cash and earn profits from console sales.


Thankfully, there’s the option of putting a faster drive by putting a WD blue or any SATA SSD. Latter will drastically increase data speed but they are pretty costly.

Network Hardware

As for the network, it uses a Wireless Avastar 88W8797 integrated network adapter. Features IEEE 802.11 b/g/n with 2.4Ghz signal band. The Slim/Pro uses a Skyworks 2614B 315BB, which features IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signal.

Most of the older models will obviously struggle if you live in an area where other Wi-Fi signals are present. Their signals will interlope with yours, creating loss in signal and thus making it difficult to play online games and even download games fast enough.

This is why having a dual-band network helps. Other than the weak points of its wireless network adapter, it’ll be easier to just plug in your PS4 via ethernet cable. But as mentioned before, it depends on your internet service and your router (if connected via router). 

How to Install Faster in Rest Mode

There are techniques out there to improve faster writing speed on your PS4’s hard drive, but most don’t work. All you have to do is either leave the PS4 without any suspended app or games running, or put it in rest mode. Both of these are pretty common.

Fixes to slow network speed

Here’s a list of fixes you can implement to get the best network speed and coverage:

  • Check how far your router is. Some people use mostly weak routers which provide 300Mbps to 700Mbps. Because of this, the further the router, the weaker the signal. To get the best results, get a dual-band router as fast as 1200Mbps or better. 
  • If you use an internet service that gives over 100Mbps bandwidth, it’s preferable to purchase a Gigabit router to allow use of all the speed you get. 
  • Connecting it via cable is a far better option. Since the older models of the PS4 have weak signals and use only 2.4Ghz signal. This scenario is much preferable. 
  • Cable connection depends if directly connected, if directly from your network device, then you’ll need to manually change the settings. If by router. To get all the speed, be sure to use a Gigabit router.
  • Make sure nobody is using it, if the router is crowded. You’ll face issues like lag during online play and slow download speeds.

PS4 Rest Mode Download Faster – Optimal Downloading

Of course, having the best network isn’t always the best way to go. Few tricks to make sure you’re getting optimal downloading speed:

  • Download only one thing, otherwise the bandwidth will be split between one and the other.
  • Playing online games will slow down download and installation. This also applies to games being installed from discs from any games you play. 
  • There are times downloads will drastically slow down for some reason. Pause the download and then resume it again.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest firmware for the PS4.
  • Use Rest Mode when you’re downloading. To follow the above instructions.

Rest Mode does help increase download speeds, but the benefits are negligible based on the fact that your PS4 doesn’t have many apps running that’ll use bandwidth. Well, most of the time that is.

Recently these past few years, most games storage has gone up by 2 to 5 folds. Call of Duty: Warzone holds over 100GB of storage space. Most of the exclusives from Sony go from 20GB to past 40-50GB even. Most of the areas around the US don’t have network coverage much like major cities do. This issue will persist till maybe a few years once Google’s Fiber or similar reaches to households.

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