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PS4 Proxy Server – 101 Guidelines

A good ps4 proxy server can give you a best gaming experience with your playstation. We will show here – how you can setup a good proxy server for playstation & How to setup proxy.

Nothing is more irritating when your gaming experience gets interrupted by your internet connection. A good proxy server can help your regarding the issue!

PS4 omits the complexity of PC gaming. You can play your favorite games using the PS4 console. Until 2020 there are 114 million recorder PS users globally, which tells how popular this console is. But for the best gaming experience on your PS4, you might need a proxy server. A PS4 proxy server will make your gaming experience even better.

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What Is A Proxy Server?

First, you should understand what a proxy server is. The purpose of a proxy server is to establish communication between two computers. As it is a ‘proxy’ server it replaces another server like a proxy actor replaces the original one. 

Like that, proxy servers work as a link between your PC and the server you want to connect to. A proxy server hides your online identity, so you can access any server without providing your true identity, location, etc. 

They are very handy to unblock blocked content as you can change your IP address. 

Why Do You Need A PS4 Proxy Server? 

A proxy server is useful in many aspects. Here are some: 

Increase Your Slow Lagging Internet Speed

A PlayStation console is made for delivering the best gaming. Nothing is more irritating when your gaming experience gets interrupted by your internet connection. 

When playing games no gamers want any kind of interruption. And many times that happens when you are in a tense or critical moment of the game. 

A proxy server creates a private tunnel between you and the gaming server. Therefore, no interruption happens when you are playing with your PS4 console

Gaming Proxies

A special gaming proxy server is a savior for gamers. You will get excellent uptime with a special gaming proxy server. 

Some gaming proxy servers provide up to 99.998% uptime. That means you never have to pause for a moment for in-game updates. 

But you will not get such great uptimes from regular proxy servers and you would need to pause for in-game updates.

PS4 Proxy Server

Boosts Internet Speed 

Proxy servers can enhance internet speed. Sometimes your provider limits the highest speed you can use and when you reach that you can not use more. But as the proxy server hides your identity they lose control over you. 

On the other hand, professional proxy server providers deliver high speed for their users. Some provide upto 1GBps speed! 

Play Any Competition 

If you are a gaming geek, you don’t want to miss an exciting gaming competition. But even if you want so badly, you can not participate in every gaming event because of your geographical location. 

Some event owners restrict the event to some countries. But with a proxy server, you don’t need to worry about that. You can log in yourself from a country the event is permitted from and play with other competitors. 

Open Locked Games

Some games are restricted from some countries. Or your government might have blocked the game. With a proxy server, you can access those games. A proxy server won’t let the gaming server trace your location; neither can your government trace your location. Therefore you can play any blocked game with a proxy server with ease. 

Stay Anonymous

A proxy server offers anonymity to your profile. So, you can play with other gamers without giving them your true identity or location. A proxy server completely locks your profile, and nobody can trace you. 

This is a handy option to be safe from online threats and hackers. The gaming community is a favorite place for hackers and everybody there is vulnerable to them. 

Download Anything

This is not what we would encourage you to do, but you can do that with a proxy server. Using a proxy server you can download anything from the internet even the copyrighted content without disclosing your identity to anyone.  

How To Add Proxy Servers To PS4?

Playstation was first launched in 1994 by Sony. Since then, they have been producing newer models every few years. At the same time, gamers are becoming more and more professional these days. This is something only updated features can not comply with. That is why proxy servers came into play. 

Though you can use proxy servers with a PlayStation, sometimes it can be problematic. So, you should know how to use a proxy server with PS4 properly to avoid any problems in the future.  

First, you have to find out the IP address of your PC, Mac, or mobile from which you are using the internet connection.

Go here to get available Proxies – 


  • Write ‘cmd’ in the search box of the startup menu. 
  • You will see the command prompt screen. 
  • Write “ipconfig” and enter. 
  • Note your IP address. 


  • Go to “Apple Menu”
  • Open “System Preferences.”
  • Select “Network preference.”

The IP address will appear on the screen. Note that and proceed to the next step. 

Android Mobile

  • Open phone settings. 
  • Open “About Phone”
  • Click “Status.”

A list of data will appear. Note the IP address and proceed to the next step. 

Assign Proxy Server To Your PS4

Here are the steps of assigning PS4 to your playstation 4. 

  • Open your PS4 Console 
  • Settings  – “Network Selection” 
  • Wifi or LAN – choose one 
  • Go to custom option
  • Select “Do not specify” for DHCP (If you don’t know this option creates dynamic IP for your devices)
  • For DNS set “Automatic”
  • For MTU set “Automatic”
  • Select “Use options ” when the screen prompts you to select the proxy server.
  • Insert the IP address you noted earlier. 
  • If asked, insert 8080 Port number for Mac and port number 6588 for windows. 
  • Click next
  • Restart and you are done.
Setup PS4 Proxy Server

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Am I Getting a PS4 Proxy Server Error? 

This can happen when the router fails to assign a proxy server for your PS4. Call your network provider and they should resolve the issue. 

Why Am I Getting CE 32895 7 Error On My PS4

It happens for Root CA certification. If your PS4 does not have one this error message will arrive. 

How Do I Resolve DNS Error On My PS4? 

Change the DNS setting or reset your PS4. If that does not work, contact the provider to assist you. 


Adding a proxy server to PS4 is not a complicated process at all if you subscribed to the service from a reputable company. 

A good provider will also assist you in operating on your PS4. If you miss anything, this article will make everything clear to you. We hope now you know everything about the PS4 proxy server and complete the process efficiently. Happy Gaming!

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