PS4 Controller Light Yellow

PS4 Controller Light Yellow – How To Fix The Issue

PS4 Controller Light Yellow refers standby mode. This happens because the system might be charging or the controller is not connected to the console. There are many reason for the connection problem. We will try cover all the issues realted yellow light in this article.

PS4 arguably is the best eight generation gaming console. Many of us play video games for relaxation and use PS4. Playstation games have many versions and sometimes users do not understand some functions. You would see some indicator lights in your PS4 controllers known as yellow, orange, blue and red. 

As PS4 controllers flash many colours, sometimes users do not understand what those colours mean. When your PS4 is switched off or in rest mode or charging then you see the yellow light which does not blink. Sometimes you can see the yellow light while playing certain games. Sometimes you can have the yellow colour of death. In this article, we will discuss in brief what the PS4 controller yellow colour means, when it comes out and what you should do.

PS4 Controller Light Yellow

What Is Indication Lights And What Are Their Uses? 

Before diving into the main topic it would be better for you to understand what those indications lights are and what are their uses. 

The PS4 comes with various types of lights with the system. Those lights give some sort of instructions that you should follow. Below list describes the types of light and their uses: 

  • Blue light: It represents the connectivity between the PlayStation console and the TV. 
  • White Light: This signal means the console is working properly. 
  • Yellow Light: This signal means standby mode. This happens because the system might be charging or the controller is not connected to the console.
  • Orange Light: Orange light tells you to put the system in standby mode. 
  • Red light: This is a dangerous sign. When the red light comes out that means the system’s temperature is reaching the optimum temperature limit and you have to reduce it.

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PS4 Controller Light Yellow – How to Fix Yellow Light of Death PS4?

  • When you see the PS4 controller yellow light the first thing you should do is to unplug the PS4 power cord of the console. 
  • Get a USB cable and plug that into your PS4 console and bring the controller. 
  • Click  “PS” and “Share” both buttons together on your PS4 controller. 
  • Your controller will start blinking. Now, plug in your PS4 but DO NOT power it on. 
  • Power on your PS4 console and connect the PS4 controller to the console with the USB cable that you connected in the first step. 
  • This should solve the PS4 controller yellow light issue. 

My PS4 Controller Indicator Light Keeps Flashing

Some users face this problem. The PS4 controller light keeps flashing all the time. You can solve this matter easily. First, you check whether the USB is working properly or not. 

If not, buy another USB cord. But we recommend you buy only a power cable that is officially licensed specially made for the PS4 controller and replace it. 

Replace the Dualshock cord

  • You can purchase a new Dualshock 4 cord or you can use an active android cell phone charging cable. 
  • Plugin the Dualshock 4 USB. 

Now check the light. If it changes to orange or blue then the cord was the culprit that was causing the issue. 

Reset The PS4

  • Turn off your PS4 console. Press the power button on the console or use the quick start menu to power it off.  
  • Remove the power cord from the back of the PS4 console. 
  • Now, wait a minimum of 10 seconds before you plug in the power cord back to your PS4 console. This is IMPORTANT.  
  • After 10 seconds plug in the power cord again with the PS4. 
  • Use the power button to turn the PS4 again. 

We know this is a simple trick but this reset process works like magic many times. Do not use any other method before you use this reset process.


Reset The PS4 Controller

  • After turning on the PS4 controller you can see a reset button. The buttons are located on the controller’s top right screw. 
  • Use a SIM card or unfolded paper clip to push the button inside the hole. 
  • Hold it for 5 seconds. 
  • Now reconnect the controller and see whether it is charging or not. 

Your PS4 console does not only have software, but the controller also has its own software to operate properly. Using the above steps you are applying factory reset to your controller.  If everything goes fine now your controller should work perfectly. 

Use Safe Mood For The Ps4 Console 

  • Turn off the console. We described the process earlier in this article. 
  • Now hold the power button and push it for 10 seconds or before you hear two beeps. 
  • Connect it to the Dualshock 4 using a USB cable. 
  • Press the PS button on your controller. 

If your PS4 USB port is faulty then you won’t be able to start your PS4 in a safe mood. Some people can not start their PS4 in a safe mood and this is the reason why they can’t. If the problem still persists then unfortunately your PS4 controller needs replacement.

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Ps4 Controller Yellow Light of Death – Is It Possible To Change The Colour Of Your PS4 Controller? 

You can change the colour of your PS4 controller but you have to change your profile for that. The default feature of PS4 is that different profiles will come in different colours. For example, Player One will be blue, two will be red, three will be green and 4 will be yellow.

How Do I Change The Controller’s Colour For PS4? 

  • Create 4 profiles for 4 different players. 
  • Log in as a user. 
  • You can play as a different player without logging out. 
  • Keep changing before you find the colour you like most. 
  • Then, just log in as one user. You can change to another user without even logging out.

If you keep changing users, then you will definitely find a colour you like.


If you are a PS4 user the ‘PS4 controller yellow light’ is a common issue that every gamer faces. The important point is understanding the signals properly. Another important note we want to make is that you always buy PS4 approved USB cable for your system. Never go for a cheaper solution as that can not solve the PS4 controller yellow light problem. We hope this article has helped you to resolve the issue. Enjoy your game.

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