OpenOffice For Chromebook – How to Install and Run

Are you looking for OpenOffice for Chromebook? Today we will talk about how you can install Open Office on Chromebook and provide you a step-by-step guide. After finishing this article, you will be able to install Open Office on your Chromebook effortlessly.

Openoffice is an open-source and free office productivity software. Apache Software Foundation develops the software. Open Office comes with combined applications for processing words, spreadsheets, and creating presentations. As a matter of fact, it is a complete solution for complete office automation and the most famous replacement of MS Office by Microsoft.

Compatibility Of Open Office 

Open Office is compatible with all the latest operating systems. Moreover, Open Office is available in various languages. For its flexibility, many institutions, agencies, and governments use OpenOffice on a regular basis for all of their office works.

Open office stores your data, maintaining the standard format used by most Office applications in the market. Therefore, you can easily export your data to other Office applications without any hassle.

OpenOffice Chromebook

Features of Open Office  

  • Comes with a full-featured word processor. Changing the format and adding style effects is a simple task. 
  • Can read and write on Microsoft word documents with ease.
  • Open Office spreadsheet comes with tons of scientific and statistical functions, charts, and pivot tables. 
  • Impressive presentation tool. Users can modify pictures and diagrams within the app. 
  • With the Open office drawing tool, users can use bitmap and vector images. 
  • Open office comes with a robust database tool. Users can create complex data, analyze reports with it. 
  • One-click PDF export 
  • Export to SWF format 
  • Features for disabled people.

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OpenOffice For Chromebook – Installation Process

Chromebook is a light device and becoming famous for its low price day by day. If you own a Chromebook, you can easily install Open Office in it. Here are the steps how you can install Open Office Chromebook: 

Step 1: First, go to the settings and Ensure the “Linux (Beta)” is enabled.

Step 2: If the setting is not off, turn it on, and your Chromebook will download the necessary files to run Linux on your Chromebook.

[Google had integrated Linux into their Chromebook in 2018. Since then, every Chromebook comes with a Linux Beta. If your Chromebook is an earlier version, it should be updated by now. If it’s not updated, you are out of luck. Be patient, and Google will update your system]

Step 3: Go to the Open Office release page and download the application. (

Step 4: You should download the Linux 64-bit (x86-64) (DEB) option. If you fail to download that version, then download the 32-bit option. But make sure you always choose the DEB option. Select your version and click on “Download the complete installation.”

Step 5: Save the file in your local machine. 

Step 6: When the download is finished, click on the file and click on “Show in folder.”

Step 7: Make sure the file is moved to Linux File Section. 

Step 8: Now go to the Linux app section and click on “terminal.”

Step 9: In the Linux terminal, write the command “Sudo apt install xarchiver”

Sudo apt install xarchiver

Step 10: The terminal will ask for confirmation. Write “y” and hit enter. 

Step 11: Linux terminal will install the app. Wait till the end. 

Step 12: After the installation process is finished, open the Linux apps and click on xarchiver. 

Step 13: You will see a light-yellow color icon just at the top left. Click on it. 

Step 14: Click on that Open an archive button, and you will be redirected to a new window. 

Step 15: Go to home (from the left sidebar) and click on the DEB file. 

Step 16: Click on it, and you will see new content on the window. 

Step 17: Click on the “Extract to” button from the top. 

Step 18: Change the route and choose “Home” to extract. 

Step 19: Extract all the files. 

Step 20: Open the extracted files and open DEBS. 

Step 21: Select everything from that page except “Desktop Integration.”

Step 22: Move all the files to the Linux Files section. 

Step 23: Go back to the previous folder and open “Desktop Integration”

Step 24: You will see a file with .deb extension. 

Step 25: Copy the file and paste it into the Linux Files. 

Step 26: Open the Linux Terminal and run the command “sudo dpkg -i * .deb”

sudo dpkg -i * .deb

Step 27: Linux will install Open Office, and you will see the Open Office content in Linux apps. 

Step 28: When you open the Open Office app, the app might ask for some additional information. Provide that information, and you are ready to use the app.

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Open Office is the best substitute for Microsoft Office. You will get some new features that are not available even in the MS office. You can read and write documents for any other Office application with Open Office. Setting up Open Office Chromebook is not that tough if you follow the instructions with patience. We hope after reading this article, you have successfully installed Open Office on your Chromebook. See you in another tutorial.

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