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Is 400 Mbps good for gaming? Yes, more than reasonable. But you have to look after other issues to get a smooth internet connection.

Speed is the most important factor for internet gaming. Great speed always provides the best gaming experience. But what speed is ideal for internet gaming? Is 400Mbps good for gaming?

We will answer this question in this article. We will also describe which factors are important for internet speed, how you can improve internet gaming speed, and many more things.

is 400 mbps good for gaming and streaming

Is 400 Mbps Good For Gaming? 

Let us start with how much speed is considered as a good internet speed? The best speed to play internet games starts from 25Mbps. If you are using anything between 100 and 200 Mbps, you will get a flawless internet connection for video chat for up to 5 people at a time. 

So, yes, 400 Mbps is more than reasonable for gaming. But wait, there are factors to consider. Download and upload speed, latency, ping, your internet wire, connection type, and even your router play an important role when you are playing online.

Are you having trouble even with a great internet speed? Well, in this article we will tell how you can resolve those troubles.

Speed Terminology For Internet 

25 Mbps or anything beyond that is good enough for a good gaming experience, but your ping should be less than 20 milliseconds, low packet loss, and low latency. If you are playing games that need minimal reaction time, even 3Mpbs to 6 Mbps connection is enough. 

If you don’t know about latency or any other terms that affect the internet speed, don’t worry. Here are what they mean: 

Lag – This means the response time duration between a player and a game server

Latency – This means how fast the gaming device sends the game server’s information to the console. Higher latency means the response time is higher, which is not good. 

Ping – This is a latency measurement unit in milliseconds. The lower the ping, the better the time response. 

Packet Loss – When you are playing, many other people are using the same network. Game servers send data as a packet to your console. For Internet traffic, your packet can be lost. If you lose more than 1 or 2% of your package, you will face trouble. 

These are also Xbox One’s minimum requirements. 1Mbps upload and 3Mbps download speed are good enough for most games. But speed is not always the only factor to provide the best gaming experience. 

In most cases, a wired connection provides a better gaming experience than a wireless one. Though we see wireless (wifi) connections everywhere, they can not compete with wired connections.

Use Ethernet For A Faster Connection 

Wire or Ethernet connections are the best connections for online gaming. Though these days wireless connections are also great still for some technical difficulties, they can not replace wired connections. 

There are also some other factors that impact the speed of wireless connection in your home: 

  • Brick, walls, doors, even large furniture obstruct and weaken the wifi signal. 
  • The distance between your PS4 console and the router determines the signal strength you will receive. 
  • Other devices such as laptops, smartphones, or even another console impact the speed. 

Those factors will hamper the packet data resulting in high latency, which will decrease the download speed. Consequently, you won’t get the expected speed when playing internet games.

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Internet Connection Types 

The connection type also plays a significant role in internet speed. Let’s discuss the various type of internet connections: 

DSL – This refers to the Digital Subscriber Line. Land phone line providers provide this type of connection. They use copper wire to transmit data. Though theoretically, the speed you can achieve from a DSL line is 100mbps, they are much slower than that. 

Coaxial Cables – Cable operators provide TV connection lines with coaxial cables. They can also offer an internet connection with coaxial cables. They are faster than DSL connections. The quality of the connection depends on the provider. 

Fibre Optic – This is the fastest internet connection. Modern Broadband connections are dependent on fiber optics. In this technology, special wires are used to transfer data, and those wires can transfer data as fast as the speed of light. If you live in a city town, you most probably use fiber optic net connection. 

Mobile Networks – Mobile operators also provide internet connections. The speed of those connections largely depends on the provider’s capability. For gaming purposes, mobile networks are not that good. Moreover, they are highly expensive.

Image Source: https://network-from-home.com/

 How Can You Increase Your Internet Speed? 

You can increase your internet connection speed following these: 

  • Check speed from a reputed speed tester. You can use Okla to check the speed and ping to find out the real picture of your internet speed.  
  • Use cable connection instead of wifi connection to your console
  • If using wifi, move the console closer to your router and do not use other devices when gaming. 
  • Use a local server when playing
  • Play on a Local server
  • If you are having speed issues while playing, restart your router
  • Replace your router and use a better one. 
  • Update your system. This is IMPORTANT. 
  • Use a paid VPN service. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Gaming Affect My Internet Connection 

Yes. Gaming impacts your internet speed. But streaming videos and downloading impacts the speed of your internet more. So, watching Netflix or 4k videos on youtube affects your net speed more than gaming. 

I Have Good Connection Speed, But I Am Having Problems When Playing a Game. 

That’s because your gaming console is not the only device that uses the internet. There are other devices in your house. 

Even though mobile devices and laptops are not downloading, anything still consumes the internet. Background apps are always awake and always connected to the network. 

Is 400 Mbps Good For Gaming In Rural Areas? 

In metropolitan cities, even 400Mbps can create some issues because of shared connections. But in rural areas, that should not be the problem as not too many people use high connections there. So, yes, 400 Mbps is good for gaming in rural areas. 

A high internet speed connection is the dream of every gamer. But a high connection can face many obstacles, and those obstacles can hamper the internet speed. Speed is the most important factor for internet gaming. Great speed always provides the best gaming experience. Hope you got the answer – Is 400 Mbps good for gaming?

Hope you enjoyed the article. Happy Gamming! Don’t forget to share the article.

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