How to disable avast antivirus?

How to Turn Off Avast Antivirus? – Disable Setting Adjustment

Today we will show you here, how to turn off avast antivirus when you are gaming. It’s a very common issue both for beginners or advance users to disable antivirus from the avast setting.

For protecting your device from malware and viruses Antivirus software is essential. Like other popular antiviruses, Avast is a familiar and trusted one for users. Though the antivirus interface is really good, but most of the peoples can’t figure out.

There are many reasons including gaming and testing software, users need to turn off their antivirus software. So this article will cooperate with the reader to turn off / Disable for temporary and permanently his/her avast antivirus software step-by-step. Besides, we will discuss the silent mood/ gaming mood of avast antivirus software also.

Things we will note out here are:

  1. Basic Introduction about Avast Antivirus Software 
  2. How to turn off the antivirus software 
  3. Avast antivirus silent mode
  4. FAQ

Avast Antivirus Software:

The majority of antivirus programs on the marketplace are capable of protecting your computer. However, because of their dependability and performance, several antivirus software is highly popular with consumers.

Avast antivirus is with no question among them. That’s why so many consumers tend to use this software for a long time. However, antivirus software can prevent particular websites from launching and even trusted apps from installing or modifying file systems under certain ways.

However, removing the complete antivirus program for such a purpose may expose consumers to extra threats.

Unauthorized providers are not allowed to install something on the computer by Avast antivirus, which can be a major issue for you at any moment. As a result, if you wish to temporarily stop Avast, you need to know how to do it.

How to Turn off Avast Antivirus Software :

The processes described here will help you to completely turn off this software, so follow the steps when you are extremely need to turn off Avast Antivirus. 

To disable all shields at a time, here are the steps to follow-

  1. Find out your Avast Antivirus software icon from your device, then right click on the icon and enter to the setting option 
  2. Then go to Avast shield and pick an option according to your preference, such as turn off for 10 minutes or turn off permanently
Disabling all shields
  1. After you choose an option, hit the ok button to confirm your Avast shields disabled. 
  2. Then go to the main homepage of Avast and wait for a dialogue box shown in the picture. 
disable avast antivirus

But if there is any need to turn on the security,  you can click on the turn on box shown in the picture. 

In case, you want to disable antivirus one at a time,

For the most part, you won’t need to turn off your security software totally. It’s also possible that turning off specific shields will suffice. This also has an advantage: if you switch off Avast antivirus processes one at a time, you would be able to complete your task while still having a certain amount of protection.

Here are the steps to follow –

  1. Open your Avast Antivirus Software, then go to user interface option of the software 
  2. Click on the tab “protection”, then find out the option named core shields. Enter into the core shields option.
How to turn off Avast Antivirus
  1. In the core shields option, you will see 4 parts with toggle buttons, where you can turn off/ turn on the toggle buttons according to your choice.
how to disable avast antivirus
  1. After turning off a button, again the software will ask how long you want to disable the shield for your device,  there you can choose your preference. 
disable avast temporary

By this way, you can turn off security for a particular option, and can enjoy the rest of the security process.

You May Like It –

Avast Antivirus Silent Mode / Avast Antivirus Gaming Mode:

When you don’t like to be disturbed, turn on the Silent/gaming mode. When a full-screen software is running, this could cause Avast to operate silently. This means that unwanted advertisements or other notifications will not distract your activities or other full-screen programs.

avast game mode

With right click upon that orangish Avast icon on your taskbar, you may easily activate this mode. There will be a short menu shown. Toggle on Silent/gaming configuration by clicking on it.

This tool is available from the main user interface. Select the option for Silent/gaming option in Settings>General. Avast’s notifications, advertisements, and reminders will be disabled as a result.

Do Not Disturb Mode / Disable Avast While Gaming:

Avast Antivirus has a functionality feature called Do Not Disturb Mode that blocks superfluous notifications when you’re using full-screen applications.

When you run an application, Do Not Disturb Mode recognizes it and includes it to the list of Do Not Disturb Mode applications. All messages from Windows, Avast Security software, and other apps are silenced when apps in this category are shown in full screen thereafter.

You may also tweak the settings button and personally add or delete programs from the Do Not Disturb Mode menu.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

Can I turn off Avast antivirus software for a certain time?

Yes, you can turn off Avast Antivirus Software for a certain period of time according to the given options in the user interface menu.

Gamer take on Avast Game Mode: Does it really work?

Yes! It just mute all notifications and pause updates.

Antivirus software is very useful to protect your computer and network from malicious attacks or attacks from bots/viruses.  So it is a wise decision to turn off Avast Antivirus Software when you are gaming and testing softwares. Otherwise you can use silent mode/ do not disturb mode to silent ads, pop-ups or notification manually or automatically.

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