How to Stop Steam from Opening on Startup

How to Stop Steam from Opening on Startup?

After opening the task manager, go to the startup section; use the right click on the steam icon and disable it to stop steam from opening on startup.

But if you are not an advance user or can’t follow the above steps. Just read the article carefully. In this article I will discuss several methods how you can stop steam from opening on startup. As you may already know opening software on startup can slow down the speed of your PC.

Besides narrating the steps of how to stop steam from opening on startup, I will discuss these points also:

  • Stop steam from running in the background
  • Stop steam from updating on startup
  • Stop steam from opening on startup mac

How to Stop Steam from Opening on Startup :

Steam is scheduled to open immediately after you install it on the desktop.

Immediately after starting the system, your PC will utilize CPU power to launch the software. This can cause your pc to decelerate, especially if you aren’t planning on using Steam.

There are two ways to achieve this: using the Steam app directly, or using your task manager’s “startup” page.

Both ways will be explained in this article:

First Method : Stop From Steam Setting

Whenever you seem to have the Steam client running and need to get this done as quickly as possible, just follow these instructions and you’ll be finished in under a minute.

  1. Open your steam client
  2. Go to the upper left side of the screen and select “Steam,” after which “Settings.”
  1. To discover the options you’re asking for, go to the settings menu and select “Interface.”
  1. Finally, deselect the checkbox “Run Steam when my computer starts” before clicking “OK” at the end.

Second Method : Disable from Task Manager

This solution necessitates opening Windows Task Manager and stopping Steam in the “startup” area. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose “Task Manager” from the right-click menu on the toolbar.
  1. In the Windows Task Manager panel, go to the “Startup” section.
  1. Right-click on the Steam application to open it. Select “Disable.”

As you reboot your computer, Steam may no longer boot up immediately.

So now you know how to stop  steam from opening on startup. Beside this topic, we will discuss on some few more topic, they are:

Stop steam from running in the background

When you’re attempting to do something else using your desktop, steam running in the background sucks up Processor time or network connectivity. That’s to be expected, given that Steam needs to upgrade games, refresh itself, extract the data it imports, and maintain the entire library in decent form for your upcoming session.

Here are steps to turn off steam client from running automatically in the background :

  1. Open your PC
  2. Go to the search option
  3. Type “Task Manager” in the search box
  4. Click on “More Details” option from search window 
  5. Select the option “startup” option
  6. Choose “Steam Client Bootstrapper”
  7. Press on the “Disable” box.

Stop steam from updating on startup

Steam will programmatically add new features on startup and activate them to confirm you’re using the most latest release. Moreover, Steam will check all of its documents on a regular basis to guarantee that everything is in order.

Here are the steps to hold steam client from updating on startup :

  • Through the menu bar, select LIBRARY…
  • Stopping auto-updates is as simple as right-clicking on the game users like to stop.
  • At the end of the list, select Properties.
  • From the top – right corner, select UPDATES.
  • Select Automatic updates from the drop down list.
  • Select the option “Only upgrade this game after I launch it.”

Stop steam from opening on startup Mac

Here is the process:

  • Select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu, after which “Users & Groups.”
  • Click the active account in Mac OS, and hit the “Login Items” option.
Stop steam from opening on startup Mac
  • To eliminate Steam from automatically startup on the login menu, choose this from the category and then press the Delete button on the keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Steam automatically update whenever I turn on my computer?

Steam will immediately receive updates on opening and start downloading them to ensure you’re getting the most latest versions. Plus, Steam will check all of its information on a regular basis to guarantee that everything is in order.

How can I stop Steam Overlay?

You may turn off the Steam overlay from within the Steam app. As a result, clicking Shift + Tab will have no effect. You can’t, therefore, deactivate it only for certain games. You’ll choose to switch off the Steam overlay fully if you wish to deactivate it.

Does uninstalling Steam Client delete the games within it?

This procedure will uninstall Steam as well as any downloaded game from one’s computer. Kindly change the steamapps location (C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamapps) outside of the Steam folder if someone again installs Steam and games in the near time to prevent one’s games getting erased.

Hope this article helped readers to know how to stop steam from opening on startup. Besides some additional issues and features related to Steam client are also discussed with possible solutions in this article. Anyone can easily now approach towards these issues without hesitating anymore. 

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