How To Run EXE On Chromebook

How To Run EXE On Chromebook?

Using virtual machine, wine developer mood and crossover from android can help you run exe file on Chromebok.

Normally you can’t run .exe file on Chromebook. There are many possible alternatives for every important windows software you may easily get for Chromebook. But, still you may need to install windows software to run on Chromebook. And in that case, if you don’t know how to run exe on Chromebook, the article can help you.

How To Run Windows Software On Chromebook 

There are several ways to run exe or windows software on Chromebook. You can remotely access your Windows PC from a Chromebook and use any Windows application. If that is not convenient for you, you have to get your hand dirty and use your Chromebook into developer mood.

Method 1 – Access The Windows PC Remotely

This is not that convenient method for everyone, but you can use Windows software from your Chromebook using this method. There are two ways to do that. 

Access a Windows computer remotely: This is a handy option when you need to use your office computer from home or on travel and want to access your home computer. You can access any Windows computer using Chrome Remote Desktop App. You can also share your Windows PC with your colleagues. 

This is not a convenient way to use the exe file, though, as you are using the file from a live windows computer. 

From A Host Server: This is a convenient method for businesses. You can access a windows application hosted on a windows server from your Chromebook. You can use Citrix Receiver to access a windows application hosted on a windows server and use your Chromebook.

You can purchase this service from a windows server service provider. But for personal use, this is never an option you should consider. A large business can use this method so that its employees can use a particular windows software remotely from their Chromebook. 

Method 2 – Install Wine Using Developer Mode 

This is a very convenient way to run exe on a Chromebook. Wine is open-source software, and you can use Windows software on your Chromebook using this application. Wine does not have any Chromebook application. But don’t worry, there are ways to do that.

How to download and run exe files on chromebook using wine

Chromebook is a Linux-based application. You can run Wine on Chromebook in 2 ways. You can use Crouton so that you can run it on Linux, or you can use the new Android app for Wine. 

Note: You can not run Wine on ARM Chromebooks, and the android app can only run Windows RT apps. If yours is an Intel Chromebook, WWine should run properly.

With Crouton 

Before installing the Wine desktop version, you have to enable the developer mode of your Chromebook. With Crouton, you can install Linux desktop on your Chrome operating system.

To enable Chromebook developer mode, hold the ‘Esc’ key down alongside refresh keys, and then tap the power button. That will prompt the recovery mode for you. In older Chromebooks, you will see a recovery button. 

When the recovery screen arrives, press Ctrl+D, agree to the terms and boot again to developer mode. 

After installing Linux OS on your Chromebook, you can use Crouton to use any Windows application on your Chromebook.

You can run MS Office or any other Windows Exe file now on your Chromebook. 

Whenever you want to use a Windows program, you could just switch between your Chrome OS system and Linux desktop with a keyboard shortcut—no need for rebooting.

Wine for Android 

You can also use the android app of Wine to run Windows apps. The app is in beta version right now. Download the apk from this link

You can run this app on your Chromebook and install windows applications on your Chromebook. You won’t find this app on the play store. Therefore, you have to use the apk file from using the developer mode on your Chromebook. 

Note: This application can not run every Windows application. You have to use manual tweaking to run all exe files. You can contact the app developer if you are facing any issue with any particular windows exe file. 

Method 3 – Use Virtual Machine 

If you can not manage to run Wine on your Chromebook, don’t worry. Instead of Wine, you can use a Virtual machine to install exe on your Chromebook. That’s not the end of the world, and you still can use ex on your Chromebook. 

The process is the same as we provided the instructions on Wine. You have to activate the developers’ mode and install Crouton to run the Linux operating system on your Chromebook. Then you can install a virtualization program. There are many virtualization programs available there. You can use the Oracle virtual box

Now you can install a windows operating system using the virtual box and use any exe file on top of windows.

Note: If your Chromebook is ARM, then the virtual box won’t run on that. But if that is an intel Chromebook, the virtual box will run. 

Remember, virtual machines are heavy-duty software, and you would need an excellent specification to use the virtual box on your Chromebook. The latest Chromebooks might be able to handle a virtual box, but if the Chromebook is older, we do not recommend using a virtual box. 

Method 4 – Crossover For Android 

If your Chromebook supports the Android app, this is a convenient way of using exe files on your Chromebook. There is an app called Crossover that can run windows applications on android devices. 

The app was available on Google Play Store earlier, but now the app is not available anymore in the play store. But you can install the APK from this link in developer mode. 

Crossover and Wine both work in a similar way, but Crossover is more innovative than Wine. After installing Crossover, the app will tell which apps are available to install. It will walk you through the installation process, and in most cases, the app will download the app for you. 

If you want to use one or two exe files and don’t want to sacrifice Chrome OS simultaneously, then Crossover is the best choice for you. 


Google Chromebook is a lightweight device and comes at a cheaper rate than regular Laptops. But they are handy, and you can make them more convenient by installing Windows applications on them. We know there is no straightforward process of doing that. That’s why we tried to cover every possible method so that you can run exe on Chromebooks. 

Here is the last tip. Most windows software has a Linux version. So, After installing Crouton, you can search for the Linux version of that Windows software. Technically that is not using the windows application, but practically that is. 

We hope using any of these methods; you will be able to run exe on Chromebook. See you in another tutorial.

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