How to Reinstall Android OS

How to Reinstall Android OS? – Complete GUIDE

Reinstalling Android OS is not the kind of operation you do often. Therefore, many people ask this question, “how to reinstall android OS” when they really need to reinstall the OS. Though it is not a complicated task to do many casual users can find it a bit tricky. But don’t worry. In this article, we will try to cover the mothods of reinstalling os on andorid –

  • Reinstall Android OS on Phone Using PC
  • Flash The ROM
  • Updating From Android

Why do users need to Install new OS on a mobile phone?

Android OS needs regular updates for security reasons. Besides, the developers of Android continuously update their system, adding new features and functions. Many of those new features make using the phone more convenient. 

But as the OS Android has various versions and you can not switch from one version to another. Therefore, some users want to update their Android and use a new version of Android on their phones or tablets.

Besides, if you are infected with malware or face other issues such as freezing, you can reinstall Android OS. In addition, you can reinstall Android OS if you have forgotten your password.

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How To Reinstall Android OS on Tablet or Phone

If you have purchased your device from a famous brand instead of a cheap Chinese brand, you should get all the updates from the developers. Your phone should take auto-updates. But if in case, you missed any update, you can get that manually. Please follow the first method to update your existing Android. 

But if you want to  Install New OS on a Mobile Phone or reinstall Android OS on phone, follow the following methods. 

Method 1 – Reinstall Android OS on Phone Using PC (Hard Reset)

If you are sincerely looking for how to reinstall Android OS on Tablet or Phone, this is the first method you can apply. 

In Hard Reset, you will need a computer to wipe out your tablet or mobile data. Here are the detailed steps: 

  • Get a PC with Windows/Linux/Mac OS. 
  • Connect your phone or tablet with a USB cable to the PC 
  • Download the Android ADB tool. 
  • Go to your phone settings and tap on “About Phone” (you will find it at the bottom scrolling down)
  • You will see various device-related information such as Device Name, Model Number, Android Version, etc. 
  • Now tap on the build number repeatedly until you see a message “No need, you are already a developer.”
  • Go to the previous settings, and you will see a new option, “Developer Option.”
  • Go to the mobile setting and open the developer option. 
  • Find the option named “USB debugging” and slide the bar to active it. 
  • Connect your phone or tablet to your PC and make sure your PC recognizes the device. 
  • Open Command prompt from your PC. 
  • Type the location of your Android Platform tools. That will be like C: Users/your PC/AppData/Local/Android/android-SDK/platform-tools. 
  • Now write this command “adb reboot recovery.” 
  • Remove your phone, and now you can reset the factory data to reinstall Android OS on your phone or tablet.

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Method 3 – Flash The ROM 

Before proceeding, we recommend you search for unlocking the bootloader with your phone or tablet’s model number. Before starting the recovery process, make sure you have the backup of your files because this process will clean all data from your device.

How to Reinstall Android OS
  • Restart your tablet or phone and open in Recovery Mode. 
  • In most cases, you have to push the volume (Up or Down) button simultaneously and the power button to open the Recovery mood. 
  • Go to the ‘Backup’ section in your recovery mood. And select the default settings, especially if you are doing this for the first time. DO NOT skip this process. 
  • Wait until the backup process is finished. 
  • Open your PC and search for the Android ROM for your tablet or device. Liquid Smooth ROMs, MIUI, and CyanogenMod are the most famous ROMs, and you can pick anyone for your device. 
  • Use a USB connection and transfer the downloaded file to your device. 
  • If you have an active WiFi connection, you can also download it to your device. Remember the location of the zip file. You will need that in the next step. 
  • Reboot your device and open it in a Recovery mood. 
  • Navigate to “Install” 
  • Find the path of the zip file. 
  • Wait until the process is done 
  • Wipe out data if asked. 
  • Restart your tablet or phone with the new ROM.

Method 3 – Update Your Android 

If you want to update your Android, there is an easy way to do that. But remember, there must be available official updates to update your system, or you can not do that. Go to the phone settings of your Phone or Tablet and Tap on “Check for Updates.” 

Your phone must be connected to the internet to check and download the updates. So, be sure that you have active WiFi or mobile data connection to your phone. If there is any available update, your phone/tablet will automatically download the update and reset the phone to reinstall Android OS. 

Changing your phone’s operating system 

In the previous section, we described ‘How to reinstall Android OS’ on tablet or phone. But what if you want to change your phone’s operating system to most update one or the old. You need to install a custom ROM. A Custom ROM can help you in this regards. You can check this forum to know more –


Read your phone manual before you change your phone’s operating system. The device needs to be compatible with the new O/S. 

Make sure your phone or tablet has more than 50% charge in the battery when you start the operation. 

Changing the operating system will also delete all the files and programs on your phone. Therefore, make sure you have a backup of your important files.

***Root & Using Custom ROM can void your phone warrenty.


If you were searching for how to install Android OS, we hope now you can do that without any hassle. But before you make your move, please do not forget to backup all of your files and keep charge on your battery. This is an irreversible process. So, make sure you know what you are trying to do—best of luck with your new version of Android.

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