How to Clean USB C Port

How to Clean USB C Port – Step by Step Guide

Are you facing any problems charging your phone? That can happen for many reasons, but most of the time, the USB c port is not working because you could have dust inside your phone’s C port. In that case, you have to clean your USB C port to make it functional again. Besides, it is a good practice to clean the USB C port regularly for possible charging issues. So, if you were finding the answer to “How to clean USB C port,” you have landed in the right place. We will describe every method of cleaning the USB C port.

USB C port not Working

This is a very unlikely scenario, but that can happen. Here are some of the reasons that can create this problem: 

  • The charger is not compatible. (If you bought a new one, then replace it.)
  • The charger does not produce enough power to charge your phone. 
  • The charger is not correctly connected. 
  • You are using an external dock or hub to charge your phone. 
  • There is dirt or dust inside your C Port. 

In most ‘USB port not working’ scenarios, you have dust or dirt inside the C port. Therefore, regular cleaning of the C port will help you not to face this issue.

Clean C port With Compress Air

How to Clean USB C Port on Phone Properly? 

How to clean USB C port on phone? Before you start cleaning, we want to provide you with some important cautions. 

Warning: DO NOT insert metal objects such as blades, knives or even safety pins inside the C port. Metal objects can scratch the delicate components inside your C port or, in a worst-case scenario, create a short circuit and damage your phone severely. 

Clean C port With Compress Air 

In this case, you will need compressed air, a plastic floss pick, or a toothpick to clean your USB port. 

  • Begin with the compressed air can. Air has the ability to loosen and blow out debris, and you don’t have to insert any object inside the C port. That’s why you should try this method at first. 
  • Blast air inside the USB port from the compressed air can with the help of a straw attachment that comes with the bottle. Use short bursts and place the can upward so no liquid can enter.
Cleaning Charging Port With Alcohol
  • If you can not expel all the debris with compressed air, you have to use the toothpick. A typical toothpick is too thick, so make this thinner with the help of a knife. Besides, you can use a piece of dental floss, and that can work even better. Dental floss is thinner than a toothpick, which makes it ideal for this job. 
  • Now insert the dental floss or the toothpick in the port and use that to pull out debris from the middle part of both electrical contacts. Make sure you do that carefully and don’t damage the electrical circuit inside the port. 
  • After finishing the inside of the C port, use the compressed air again as earlier to remove any rest dirt inside the port.

What Not to Use to Clean USB C port  

  • Do not insert any metal object inside the C port as that can damage the inside circuits. 
  • Do not use a toothbrush to clean the C port. The bristles on the brush can be stuck inside and create a new problem for you. 
  • Do not blow the C port with your mouth. Your mouth contains liquid particles, and you can not filter when you are blowing if any liquid goes inside the C port that is very dangerous for your phone. 

Cleaning Charging Port With Alcohol

Many people ask this question, how to clean USB C port on phone by Alcohol. Most of the debris inside your phone’s C port is compressed lint, and you don’t need Alcohol to remove that. 

But if you still want to use Alcohol, you can do that, but you have to use 95% or above alcohol as a cleaning agent.

Again, we want to mention; pressurized air is the best solution. 

How to clean USB C port Without Compressed Air

If you don’t have access to compressed air or simply don’t want to use that, then here is the alternative solution for you. Please collect the following items: 

  • Cotton Swabs. 
  • Tissue Papers. 
  • Safety pin or Sim card ejector. 
  • Flashlight. 

Before cleaning, make sure the C port of your phone really contains dirt. The best way to find out Is using a flashlight. Illuminate the area and locate the spot where the phone has dirt. 

Once you have found the area use the tools to clean it. We will not recommend toothpicks for this step as they can break inside, and if that happens, you have to go to the customer service center to repair them.

The best way is to use a safety pin or a sim ejection tool. Put some tissue on top of your Sim ejection tool and insert it into the C port. When you can see the dirt coming out off the C port, check with the flashlight again to make sure it is cleaned perfectly. 

How to Keep the USB C port Clean? 

If you are facing this issue frequently, you must reconsider how you transport or carry the device. The best method to make the C port clean when you move is to put that in your pocket upside down. By doing so, you can protect the C port from coming in contact with dirt or dust.

Some people use a tap on top of the C port to protect it from dribs or dirt. Protecting the port is a better solution than cleaning it. But there is a more elegant way to do that. You can purchase a plug to put inside the C port to protect it when you are not using that. Some phone back covers also protect your phone’s C port. 

Concluding Remarks 

Cleaning the charging port is not difficult, but you have to do that with soft hands. Do not push any tool too hard inside the C port. The charging port is a delicate area, and careless push can damage the inside circuit. 

If you were looking for the answer to “How to Clean USB C port,” we hope this article has covered it for you. Now, you can clean your C port pretty quickly. See you in another tutorial.

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